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Ellenbrook Primary School offers a number of specialist learning programs conducted by our specialist teachers. Some of these are provided for all students and others include students on a voluntary basis or by invitation. All children are encouraged to be active in as many programs as they are able.


Advanced Placement Program  Programs are offered to students who have been identified as eligible for academic or cultural extension. These courses are aimed at extending the learning and academic/cultural development of our top students. Participation in these programs is by invitation only and they are conducted before or after school hours by school staff or outside presenters.
Performing Arts Mrs Michele Eisenhauer teaches elements of music and performance to each class from year 1 to year 6 for an hour each week. In addition the school has:

In addition class assembly items are often conducted in cooperation with the performing arts teacher.


School of Instrumental Music (SIMS) Visiting music teachers provide tuition to selected students from years 3-6 in brass, clarinet, flute, guitar, cello, and violin. All lessons for invited students are during the school day on site at EPS. Students perform on a bi-annual basis for the rest of the school at a dedicated school assembly.


Science Mrs Vicki Brockhoff teaches Science concepts and skills to all students in the school from Pre-Primary to Year 6. The program covers:

in line with the National Curriculum. Included in the Science understandings is the concept of Science as a Human Endeavour which considers the range of employment options within the Science field.


ICT Specialist teacher Mr Pete Grantham, provides all year 1-6 students weekly ICT classes advancing their computer skills.

Physical Education Specialist teacher, Mrs Kylie Collins, instructs all year 1 – 6 students weekly for fitness, physical skills and games. Before and after school seasonal training is held for events including Interschool cross country, athletics and sports carnivals. The school conducts its faction athletics carnival in term four on a yearly basis when all students can gain points to assist their faction to win the perpetual shield.


Formal Grammar All classes are instructed in formal grammar each week due to the importance of this often overlooked area of literacy. Dr MacNeill, the Principal, conducts one hour sessions with some senior classes.


Bluearth Every morning all classes from years 1 – 6 gather on the school oval to engage in the Bluearth program that highlights cooperation, social skills and leadership. Year six students act as mentors to engage other classes in fitness games ending with a whole school cool down. The sense of community through whole school participation plays a vital role in students’ readiness to work and cooperation in day to day matters.


School Psychologist Where the individual needs of students require further assessment and/or  intervention the class teacher may refer them to the admin. for the involvement of the school psychologist. This involvement is done in consultation with parents and carers who are included in the process at all stages.

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