School hours

School Times:

Classroom doors open at 8.30am, to enable students to get ready for the day.
The educational programs begin at 8.45am. All students should be in their classrooms and ready to start lessons by this time. If children are late to school they miss roll call, morning routines and other activities that set the context for the day.

Students must wait in the Senior Block alcove before the 8.30am siren because teachers are not able to supervise other areas of the school.

School will start and finish at the same time for years PP – Year 6 children. Kindergarten parents should consult the Kindergarten/Pre-Primary Handbook.

The times are:
Monday to Friday 8.45am – 2.50 pm




10.55am – 11.15am



LUNCH eating time

1.15pm – 1.25pm



LUNCH play time

1.25pm – 1.50pm



Children should not remain at school after 2.50pm as adequate teacher supervision cannot be provided. If parents/guardians are late, children are directed to the office where they will be supervised and parents contacted. Please advise your child’s teacher if the usual collection details for your child have been changed.

Gate Opening Times:

The gate near the office and the shopping centre will be opened at 8.00am and closed at 9.00am then reopened at 2.30pm and closed at 3.15pm.  The Oval gate will be opened at 8.15am and closed at 8.45am, then reopened at 2.30pm and closed at 3.00pm.  Limiting the times that gates are opened means that we are better able to monitor who is entering our school.  This is a safety issue. 

The Library

The library has a large selection of fiction and non-fiction texts.  Classes attend the library for research activities.

Each class also visits the library to borrow books at least once a week. Each student therefore requires a library bag to ensure the protection of the book.

  • Lost books must be paid for by the borrower.


Assemblies are held regularly in the school assembly area on Friday mornings. Year 1 – 6 classes take turns to host the assemblies and present class items. Merit Awards are also presented at these assemblies. Parents, relatives and friends are very welcome to attend. We ask that younger children accompanying parents be supervised so that their behaviour does not detract from the performing class’s efforts.  We also ask that mobile phones be switched off during the assembly.


We do not encourage students to bring unnecessary money, toys or personal items to school. No responsibility can be taken by the school if students choose to bring their toys into the school grounds. Teachers do ask children to bring things in from time to time, however you will be advised by the teacher and the items will be used in the classroom for learning purposes.

Bicycles, Skateboards and Scooters

It is requested that parents do all they can to ensure that children are conversant with the rules of the road (as applied to cyclists) before they permit their children to ride their bicycles on the open road. Children do not have the ability to judge car speeds and distances before the age of 10 years.  Children should always wear a helmet when riding their bikes, skateboards and scooters to and from school and must walk them to and from the bicycle racks.

Bikes should be locked with a chain and are stored at owner’s risk. Skateboards and scooters must also be left at the bike racks during the day – this is a safety matter. These too need to be locked and are the owner’s responsibility.

Child Custody and Access

Custodial parents are expected to provide the Principal with information about custody and access. This is vital. Custodial parents need to be aware that non-custodial parents have the right to have access to students’ reports etc. unless that is forbidden by specific court ruling, which has been sighted and recorded at the school.

Collecting Students during School hours

To guarantee the safety and well-being of our students, all parents collecting students from school during school hours are required to notify administration and to sign the children out of the school.  Parents will then be given a note to give to teachers so that they are aware that the appropriate paper work has been completed and authority from the office has been given for the child to leave the school premises.

Dental Service

A dental service is available at Arbor Grove Primary School.
The contact telephone number for this service is 9296 7388.

Emergency Contact Information

Parents are requested to complete the enrolment form with all information, including mobile telephone numbers and emergency contacts at the time of enrolment. The information provided enables us to make contact with a parent or caregiver if students are hurt or ill.

Lost Property

There is a lost property box outside the Office. Children are encouraged to be responsible with belongings, named articles will be returned to owners. Please name all articles clearly. Items not claimed at the end of each term will be forwarded to charity.

Uniform Shop

Opening hours - 2023 -  Tuesday -  8.45am - 9.15am.