Medical Information

Any child who has an allergy or medical condition will need to have a detailed Medical Plan submitted to the office. Parents must update this plan if medical advice changes.

School Staff cannot administer analgesics. If a child is required to have prescribed medicine at school, parents must advise the Admin and teacher of all relevant details.

  • Parents to provide written authority on the form available from the School Office or by completing Form 3 Administration of Medication and handing it into the office.
  • Parents need to obtain a letter from the doctor noting the need for medication during school hours.
  • Parents must hand medication to Office Staff and collect medication – it will not be handed to any underage person.
  • Parents to provide in writing all details relevant to the use of the medication.
  • Medication must be in an original dispensing package/bottle clearly marked with the doctor’s instructions.
  • Medication will be kept in the School Office.
  • All staff that have the child in their care will be advised.

Teachers and Office Staff cannot be expected to administer prescribed medication or treatments which require specialist training. It is the parents’ responsibility to provide adequate information regarding the child’s condition and action or treatment under emergency conditions.

Download Forms:

Form 1 Student Health Care Summary 

Form 3 Administration of Medication