Staff Profiles

Mr Anthony (Tony) Shields – Principal

I began my time at Ellenbrook in 2004 as a classroom teacher.  I spent 5 years teaching here before beginning my school leadership journey.  Since 2009 I have held Principal positions in several schools until the middle of 2022 when I have been privileged to return to EPS as the Principal.  This school has always held a special place in my heart and the outstanding success of the school is due to the calm, committed and dedicated staff who have created an excellent learning environment for all its students.  My job is to continue to get the best educational deal for every student in this school.  As a school, we will continue to do this by emplying the best teachers that we can get, and utilising cirriculum programs that require high standards.  We will continue to use traditionally good teaching methods that give students the automatic responses  and educational knowledge and skills to succeed.  It is as much about the journey as it is about the results.

Vicki Harley – Deputy Principal

I began working at Ellenbrook Primary School in 2002 as a classroom teacher, and moved to the position of Deputy Principal in 2004. During my working life at EPS I have had the pleasure of getting to know many families. I am a strong advocate for all children and their right to an education, and their right to feel safe and supported. As a school we do not tolerate bullying and I will always go to great lengths to ensure this issue is resolved effectively. Although purple is my favourite colour, I say ‘Go Eagles’.

Danielle Lloyd – Deputy Principal

I began teaching at Ellenbrook Primary School in 2010 before becoming Deputy Principal in 2016. I have always had a passion for education and working hard to make a difference in the lives of children. I believe that every student can be successful and that is why I love working with the great team at Ellenbrook Primary to ensure each student is on their right path to success. I love spending time with my own family and travelling around our beautiful state (when we are able to do so!)

Anna Baker - Deputy Principal

I have been teaching for 12 years now and I’ve had the opportunity to teach in countries around the world such as England, Scotland, Ireland and New Zealand. I moved to Ellenbrook in 2013 and have been privileged to be teaching at Ellenbrook Primary School since. I have always wanted to be a teacher to help those around me to be the best they can be. Since I started teaching, I feel that this energy, passion and drive has only grown. I believe in the potential of everyone I meet, and love giving them the confidence and skills they need to rise up to challenges. My classroom is an environment where students should feel happy, safe and free to be involved. It’s a space where everyone should feel accepted and included in everything. In my classroom, I encourage students to be motivated to improve themselves. I love being part of Ellenbrook Primary’s teaching team and being part of the wider Ellenbrook community. In my spare time, I love spending time with my family and friends. We love to go exploring, on adventures, around beautiful Perth.

Anne Bean

I have been at Ellenbrook Primary longer than most because I love the school and working with children. I have seen many people come and go and I seem to have outlasted them all.  In my spare time I teach swimming and enjoy working with horses.

Sharon Breadsell

I have worked at Ellenbrook Primary for approximately nine wonderful years as an Education Assistant.  My two children went to Ellenbrook Primary.  The school has a great teaching ethic and it is a pleasure to work in.

Vicki Brockhoff

As our school's science teacher, I ensure that our children have interesting and exciting opportunities to use their senses to understand our amazing and beautiful world. Over the last six years here at our school I have had the pleasure of teaching the importance of science in our lives as well as inquiry skills and science knowledge. I continue to be inspired by the curiosity and wonder of young people as they learn about new things. 

Jenna Brown

I have been teaching at Ellenbrook Primary School for eleven years, with the majority being in Early Childhood Education.  I was fortunate enough to complete a practicum placement at Ellenbrook Primary while studying my degree. I knew that this wonderful school was the school that I wanted to be a part of. Working together with a collaborative and knowledgeable team of teachers in Early Learning has ensured that the youngest students in our school are being provided a quality education to set them up for their future years at Ellenbrook Primary. Above all, I aim for students to feel nurtured and happy coming to learn in a safe, inclusive environment. 

Anthony Cain

I began teaching at Ellenbrook Primary School in 2015. I have been a teacher for 27 years and wouldn’t swap professions for the world. I am passionate about education and making sure that all children receive a stimulating educational experience that will allow them to grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially. I am also an avid Eagles supporter and love nothing better than to holiday overseas.

Stephanie Cohen

I started teaching at Ellenbrook Primary School in 2015 after completing my Bachelor of Education at Edith Cowan University. I have worked predominantly in the junior primary setting, and I have a passion for early childhood education. Fostering a love of learning, encouraging students to try new things, and providing students with a solid foundation to build on, is what motivates me and makes teaching such a rewarding career. When I am not in the classroom, I enjoy spending time with my family, friends, and Golden Retriever Louis.   

Kylie Collins

I completed my Bachelor of Education (ECE and Primary) through Murdoch University. I worked in the education system in the rural community of Southern Cross, in the Wheatbelt district of Western Australia, before my family and I moved to Ellenbrook. My journey at Ellenbrook Primary began in 2015. Throughout my time here I have been fortunate to have teaching experiences in both primary classrooms and Physical Education. I believe in educating students as life long learners, promoting the importance of knowledge and values.

Rachel Crothers

In 2006 I decided to follow my dream of becoming a teacher. I studied a Bachelor of Education at the University of Western Sydney. On completion of my degree, I taught in NSW for 12 months and then decided to move over to Western Australia. I have been teaching at Ellenbrook Primary School since 2010. During my time here, I have taught all year levels and have gained a breadth of knowledge on the way in which students best learn. I believe in creating and maintaining strong positive relationships with the children and their family members. In the past I have volunteered to teach English to children in Cambodia and also volunteered to care for rescued animals in Thailand.  These experiences were very enriching and something that I will always treasure. I have a young son who takes up most of my time these days, however whenever I get the opportunity to travel and read a good book, I take it. I also enjoy listening to podcasts, playing netball and spending time in nature.

Michele Eisenhauer

I began my teaching career in England in 1996 and spent my weekends working as a Dance, Drama and Singing teacher as well as a Stage Performer. I migrated to Perth in 2004 and began working as a relief teacher here at Ellenbrook Primary, before beginning my classroom teaching position in 2005.  My love of Performing Arts led me to the role I have today, and I can say that I truly LOVE my job!  I strive to inspire students to step outside of their comfort zones and challenge them to achieve their highest potential, by creating a positive and caring learning environment.  I also love spending time with my family, creating life-long memories!  BIG dreams lead to BIG ideas, which leads to innovation and positive changes for us all - children are the future of our world!

Ashleigh Emery

I began teaching at Ellenbrook Primary School in 2017 after completing my teaching qualifications at Edith Cowan University. A fundamental component of my teaching philosophy is to foster a safe and compassionate learning environment, giving the students in my care a sense of belonging and a supportive classroom for meaningful learning to occur. I am a true believer that “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” When I am not wearing my teacher hat, you will find me hanging out on the beaches of Rottnest Island, or cuddling up with my two ragdoll cats, Mittens and Peggy.

Tara Esparon

I began teaching at Jurien Bay District High School in 2014. After two and a half years in Jurien, I took a year and a half off to travel the world. During this time, I experienced many different cultures. I lived and taught English in Nepal, completed my yoga teaching course in India, surfed the waves of Sri Lanka, and backpacked around Europe, Morocco, and Israel. I enjoy bringing real-life stories from around the world into the classroom and making the learning relevant and meaningful. I began teaching at Ellenbrook Primary School in 2017 and have enjoyed meeting all the lovely families in the community.  

Molly Everett

This will be my fifth year teaching at EPS, prior to this I lived and worked as a teacher in the Wheat belt area of WA. I love being a teacher and value the strong bonds I form with the students I teach. I am passionate about student equality and making sure every child is treated with respect and dignity. I believe all children have the right to a good education and the right to feel safe and supported at school. In conjunction with EPS’s explicit teaching method, I am dedicated to embedding sustainability into my everyday teaching to help encourage and inspire passionate and sustainable young minds to do their part as our future leaders. Aside from my school life, I have a little puppy called Rosie and I am getting married in 2022.

Robyn Fitzgerald

I have been teaching for over 40 fun filled years in a number of different environments, ranging from the Wheatbelt to remote Western Australia, to International schools in Papua New Guinea and Luxembourg in Western Europe. I began my teaching career here in Perth before journeying onto places far and wide.  After spending a wonderful and varied 15 years teaching abroad I returned to Perth, where for the past 19 years, I have been teaching here at Ellenbrook Primary School. I am Early Childhood trained and have thoroughly enjoyed teaching every age group from kindergarten through to Year 3. I am very passionate about all areas of child development and I am strongly committed to the social and emotional well- being of each and every child.

Karen Fletcher-Grieve

I began teaching at Ellenbrook Primary in 1998, when the fledgling school was still in houses. I have witnessed the school grow and develop immensely over my many years here, and feel very fortunate and proud to have been a part of the school’s journey. I am Early Childhood trained and am passionate about giving young children a positive start to their school career, and the confidence to excel to their full potential. My other interests involve horses, music, art, and of course, the West Coast Eagles!

Vicki Gatsos

I began working at Ellenbrook Primary School in 2002. I have taught every year level from year 1 to 6. I have seen a lot of change in the school over the years and I have been lucky enough to teach many wonderful children and I have met some very nice families on the way. I am a proud Ellenbrookian, and have lived in the suburb for 20 years. My 2 daughters also attended this primary school. I love my job, and I enjoy coming to school every day. My hobbies include reading, walking my dogs and watching AFL, especially my beloved Collingwood Magpies.

Pete Grantham

I am a broadly experienced educator who has been teaching since 1996. I am pleased to teach at Ellenbrook Primary School twice, from 2008 – 2011, and from 2016 until the present. I am passionate about my position as Digital Technologies Specialist Teacher, a role I have embraced since 2017. I enjoy working with students of all ages, developing their online and digital skills to enhance and protect them in an increasingly technological world. My classes are designed to be focused and fun with an emphasis on success for all. I am proud to be a part of the professional and dedicated team at Ellenbrook Primary School. 

Chelsea Hayden

I began teaching at Ellenbrook Primary School in 2020 and have loved every moment of it. I believe I have the best job in the world because I have the opportunity to have a positive impact on children’s lives, share and create new memories with them and I get to laugh every day. Outside of school, I am surrounded by a large family, with many young children, and we happen to be footy fanatics who are one-eyed Eagles supporters.

Pam Irving

I moved to Ellenbrook halfway through 1998.  I love working here as an Education Assistant.  I find my work very rewarding.  I hope to be here working with all my colleagues till my retirement.

Melissa Jackson

I have been working at Ellenbrook Primary School for 10 years, I enjoy working with a diverse group of students in assisting their practical and academic abilities to create a positive outlook on school.  I am always learning new strategies and programs to assist with the delivery of content.  I enjoy working as part of a team and feel very inclusive.

Jane Jensen

I started my teaching career 16 years ago in the Wheatbelt and have been at Ellenbrook Primary School since 2008. I have 3 primary aged children who keep me on my toes at home. I enjoy working in a collaborative environment. I have primarily worked in the lower primary setting which I enjoy very much.

Kelli Kilmurray

I started working at Ellenbrook Primary School in 2005 after spending the prior 15 years teaching in both country and Perth schools. (Don't do the maths, it turns out I am old.) My classroom priority is to ensure that every student develops independence and confidence in themselves and their ability to learn. I believe that success builds further success. When I tap into student’s interests and link it to their learning, they are engaged and motivated to learn more. Students in my class quickly learn that I am obsessed with dragonflies.  

Jodie Koch

My name is Jodie Koch and I have worked at Ellenbrook Primary School for the past 12 years.  I have just recently moved from an Education Assistant position to my new role as School Officer.  Working closely with students in the classroom has allowed me to get to know most of the students, parents/caregivers by name.  I love sharing a conversation or joke with the students when they come to visit the office.  I enjoy camping and bushwalking.

Rachel Mallett

As one of the newest members of Ellenbrook Primary School, I work as a Special Needs Education Assistant.  Having a Diploma in Early Childhood Education (Childcare) I have always been drawn to and enjoy working with children.  It is a privilege to work alongside a team of dedicated teachers in assisting children to recognise their own potential and supporting the overall development of each individual child.

Gemma McCallum

I started teaching in 2008. Teaching is something that I am very passionate about and I feel extremely lucky to work alongside the wonderful staff, students and parents at Ellenbrook Primary School. My classroom promotes a positive and supportive environment where children are encouraged to take risks and develop a life-long love of learning. When I am not at school you can finding me hanging out with my two beautiful boys, sipping coffee and listening to music. 

Jayne Moore

I started at Ellenbrook Primary School as a relief education assistant in 2010.  In no time I found myself working in the library, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Sharing my love of reading with the students of EPS is an honour. I am proud to be part of the vibrant and dynamic Ellenbrook community. In my spare time I enjoy yoga, going to live music events and reading (of course). I have three amazing daughters who all attended Ellenbrook Primary School. You will always be welcomed with a friendly smile when you visit the library.

Orla Nolan

I emigrated to Australia about eight years ago and have become part of the Ellenbrook Community.  I have recently started as an Education Assistant at Ellenbrook Primary, I am looking forward to helping the students with their education.  I enjoy camping and spending time with my family.

Ivy Nguyen

I completed a Bachelor of Education (Kindergarten – Year 7) at Edith Cowan University. Since completing my course, I have taught in Mount Magnet, Kalgoorlie and I began teaching at Ellenbrook Primary School in 2018. I am passionate about building relationships with the students and delivering engaging and motivating activities in the classroom. I adore my two Rottweilers, Max and Myah and I regularly go to the gym in my spare time. 

Julie Patel

I have been a part of Ellenbrook Primary since 2007.  Both my children came to the school from pre-primary to year 6.  I became a Special Needs Education Assistant in 2013 and have been working at the school ever since.  I really enjoy working with the students and the staff at the school, they are fantastic to work with.

Petra Pierre

I have been teaching for six years and I began working at Ellenbrook Primary School in 2018. During my time at EPS, I had the pleasure of working as a music and science teacher until I was allocated into year 3/4 classroom teacher role. I’m passionate about making every learning experience engaging and meaningful so that students can feel confident that they can progress in their learning. As a classroom teacher, I see the importance in creating a happy, positive environment where all students feel safe. When I’m not teaching, I enjoy going for bike rides with my family.

Faye Rosher

I have worked at numerous schools since 1995 as both School Officer and Registrar as we used to be called.  I started at Ellenbrook Primary School in 2003 as School Officer and won the position of Manager Corporate Services in 2004.  My role is varied and encompasses Financial Management, Facility Management and Human Resource Management. 

During my 18 years at Ellenbrook I have seen many students flourish and many now have their children at the school they went to.  I have met lovely people both students and parents.  It’s always a pleasure to see smiling faces and happy students.  It’s interesting when at the local shopping centre someone says hello Mrs Rosher. I love to spend time with my grandchildren.

Sarah Ryan

I began teaching at Ellenbrook Primary School in 1997 while the school was still in houses.  Prior to Ellenbrook, I taught in remote Aboriginal schools in the Goldfields and the Kimberley. During my time at Ellenbrook, I have taught all year levels and learning areas, and am now teaching the children of the original Ellenbrook students. I love the challenge that teaching brings me, as well as the constant opportunities to learn and grow.  I enjoy practicing yoga, camping and spending time with my chocolate labrador, ‘Bruce’.

Vicki Shields

I have worked here for nine years as a School Officer. I love to see students so excited to come up and show the office their good work. I have seen so many little ones come as Kindy students and leave as very confident and excited Year sixes, ready to take on the world.

Ellenbrook Primary School is a great caring and nurturing school.  I love to travel and spend time with my family.

Linda Smethurst

I've been at EPS for twelve years as a Special Needs Education Assistant.  Previously I was a qualified Social Trainer working in the disability field. I have 2 children 18 & 22 who attended Ellenbrook Primary and a dog called Charlie. 

Melinda Tough

I have been an Education Assistant at Ellenbrook primary for approximately 12 years.  during this time, I have primarily been in the Early Childhood Learning area.  I love the work I do and find it very rewarding.  Outside of school my passion is sports photography.  On any given weekend you will find me at a baseball game happily snapping away.

Belinda Von Bergheim

I have been a teacher at Ellenbrook Primary School for the past five years. I enjoy teaching in Early Childhood and providing solid foundations for your child to build upon throughout their education journey. Having completed a Science degree, I am passionate about fostering curiosity and a love of learning. It is important to me to be able to create a warm, welcoming learning environment, where students feel safe and included. A focus at Ellenbrook Primary School is that no child is left behind, a philosophy I am proud to be a part of.