School Board

As an Independent Public School, Ellenbrook Primary School operates with a School Board. All members are elected and serve for a maximum of three years at a time. The function of the School Board is to oversee and advise on the strategic operation of Ellenbrook Primary School. It considers information from within the school and the general community that impacts the learning of students and reports to the Principal. The School Board meets once per term but additional meetings can be held as required. Some of the responsibilities of the School Board include:

  • monitoring the progress of the school’s Business Plan;
  • noting and reviewing the annual budget
  • assisting with the formulation of Codes of Conduct
  • participating in a review of the performance of the school;
  • creating interest, within and across the community, about the school;
  • assisting with the selection of a principal when a vacancy arises
  • approving fees, charges, contributions, and items of personal use (booklists);
  • approving extra cost optional components of programs;
  • approving arrangements for sponsorship or advertising;
  • liaising with other committees within the school e.g. the P&C.

The School Board cannot deal with the day-to-day running of the school or matters relating to programs, teaching or behaviour. All School Board members sign and adhere to a Code of Conduct which governs details the expected behaviour of all its members. 

Members of the Ellenbrook Primary School Board 2023

  • Mrs Nicole Golding (Chair)
  • Ms Katrina Pantelis (Community Representative)
  • Mr Scott Jones (Community Representative)
  • Mrs Faye Rosher (Honorary Member)
  • Mrs Danielle Lloyd (Honorary Member)
  • Mrs Anna Baker (Staff Representative)
  • Mrs Petra Pierre (Staff Representative)
  • Mr Anthony Shields (Executive Officer)

Click here to view the School's Terms of Reference and Code of Conduct.

Tree.png Terms of Reference

Tree.png Code of Conduct