Tree.png Welcome to Ellenbrook Primary School, an Independent Public School. You’ll find us on Fortescue place.  Entry is at the back of the Woodlake Shopping Centre, off Sunray Circle.

Established in 1996, Ellenbrook Primary School was the first school in houses in Western Australia.  The school opened its doors with approximately 50 students and moved to its current location on Fortescue Place at the commencement of 1997.   Since these early days our student numbers have swelled to 740 in 2020, however with the opening of a new school in Brabham our numbers now stand at 473.

Ellenbrook Primary School became an Independent Primary School in 2011.  This meant that the school could change according to the needs and expectations of the community.  It gave more freedom and flexibility for the school community to be involved with decisions about important matters that impact on the student’s education.

The goal of Ellenbrook Primary School is to prepare our students for “life-long learning” by providing a positive, safe, caring and cooperative environment that promotes equality, respect, creativity, self-esteem and the pursuit of excellence among students, staff and parents.